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The Importance of being Silly


I believe in silliness. Silliness makes the hard times easier to survive and is a pink and glittery punctuation mark to end average days and boring night. Silliness forces us to ask ourselves why we take everything so seriously and live with the consequences of the stress that results.

Some people struggle with being silly. It’s childish, they think, or it’s immature and should be left to those who don’t have real jobs or important things to do in life. What if, though, being silly and childlike is one of the important things to do? What if more of us were silly more often we created a world with less violence and fear and suffering? A world in which the positive energy created by kids and growns-up all forgetting their own egos and playing well together was contagious and changed everything for the better?

The best part is that silliness isn’t expensive or really all that scary once you take the plunge. All you really need is a few toys and a costume trunk (every adult needs a costume trunk!) And the courage not to care what anyone says or thinks. Remember, all the great minds were ridiculed and dismissed and if yours is covered by a pink wig or wearing a bra on the outside of her outfit, you will be too. The joy comes from knowing that even those people who become haters will be affected by your ebullience. Maybe not right away, but your silly self with worm its way deep into their souls some time down the road.

Silliness — changing lives for the better one playful act at a time.Image